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Our mission? To turn ideas into a reality and to help anyone make anything! 


You’ve had that bolt-of-lightening moment of inspiration, and formed an idea. What next?

That’s where the Advanced Hackspace at Imperial College comes in.

Hackspace is a community like no other. We bring together inventive minds from all backgrounds, disciplines and levels of expertise to collaborate, experiment and innovate. All in the name of making amazing things happen.

And you can be a part of it. For free!

At Hackspace you can work with any of our experts whether it’s one-to-one mentoring from one of our Hack Fellows, or by attending one of our workshops. We’ve got you covered on the practical front too! In fact, Hackspace is the only place on campus where you can access resources like electronics, wood and metal workshops, a bio lab as well as a wide variety of prototyping tools. All under one roof.

And that’s not all! We’re always running different competitions and initiatives that members can apply for.

It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at either. Our members range from complete beginners who have had their first idea to seasoned inventors who use our facilities and mentor our newer members. Some use our facilities to finish their end of year project. Others might be right at the beginning of their journey and are doing all the research and developing an early stage prototype.

So, if you’re looking for somewhere you can put your theories to the test and take your research to the next level – look no further. Join us today and bring your idea to life!

Students work together at a computer
A student adjusts a wooden prototype
A high school students talks to two academics about her invention
A high school student shows a women his vision board for his invention

Hackspace at The Inventions Rooms


Wwant to inspire generations of inventors, entrepreneurs and makers from the local area and beyond, regardless of their background, so we created The Invention Rooms. A unique space at our White City Campus equipped with the latest facilities, where the local community and the College collaborate to make BIG things happen. 

The Invention Rooms is a community-operated venture with free access to a network of workshops, laboratories, co-location spaces, world-class prototyping equipment, training and experts. It’s also the main base for the Imperial College Advanced Hackspace. 

The goal is to bring opportunities  and facilities that traditionally exist in academic institutions to the wider community to generate a greater wealth of ideas, businesses and research projects through shared thinking. 

Your Hackspace journey starts here!

Become a member and take the first step towards getting your ideas out of your head (or research paper), and into the real world. From the latest prototyping equipment to the brightest academics and entrepreneurs from across Imperial College, and a supportive, inspiring environment – Advanced Hackspace is a vibrant community like no other and is the best place to realise your ideas and make them a success.

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